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Classic Matches That Made Careers

Every now and again in the wrestling world you get a truly great talent that comes along, whether they have superb in rings skills, are gold on the mic, work a great gimmick, or are the rare total package with all of it. But for the few that shine there are going to be just… Continue reading Classic Matches That Made Careers

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Gimmicks: They Can Make It Or Break It.

I was originally planning on doing something completely different this week but then I got re-inspired at the last minute and shifted gears, mostly because I’ve been having trouble sleeping and been up late watching way too much wrestling. There’s one thing that you notice when you’ve been a fan of the programming for as… Continue reading Gimmicks: They Can Make It Or Break It.

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Nearly Two Years In And Going Strong.

As a wrestling fan I’m always at least somewhat interested when a promotion comes along that promises to give us something new and exciting, and that’s exactly what All Elite Wrestling did in January of 2019. AEW is the brainchild of entrepreneur Tony Kahn and wrestler Cody Rhodes, a new company that immediately set its… Continue reading Nearly Two Years In And Going Strong.


30 Day Geek Out Challenge…in 1 Day

This week I found a 30 Day Geek Out Challenge and I thought, wow, I could totally do that! But then I remember that I work full-time and have a newborn baby so realistically doing this for 30 straight days? Yeah, probably not going to happen. So then I thought I would just answer all… Continue reading 30 Day Geek Out Challenge…in 1 Day

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Boots on the Moon: A Space Force Review

Well it has definitely been a minute since I've had a chance to write something. But I have a good excuse. Meet Matilda! Introducing the newest member of the 101Militia family, Matilda. We can't wait to raise her to be a little nerd like her mom and dad. Being on maternity leave has given me… Continue reading Boots on the Moon: A Space Force Review


For the Legion of Light!

Greetings, everyone, and welcome back for another go around. I hope you’ve all been doing well considering the tumultuousness of our current environment. Last week we began our journey together in taking a look at a few animated series that you’ve probably never seen before but should, kicking things off with 1993’s Mighty Max. I… Continue reading For the Legion of Light!

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The Legend of Zelda… The Animated Series?

For a lot of my younger readers, I’m sure it is hard to think of the classic game series The Legend of Zelda as anything but the, well, classic game series. However, some might be a bit surprised to learn that there was an animated series that aired briefly on television, featuring 13 episodes of… Continue reading The Legend of Zelda… The Animated Series?