Habitica: Life Is An RPG

Do you have trouble keeping up with so many tasks throughout the day like I do? I've stumbled across a sweet little app call Habitica. If you know us here at 101 Milita Gaming, then you know there just HAS to be a geek twist to this amazing app. Well, fear not my fellow disorganized… Continue reading Habitica: Life Is An RPG

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What Kind Of Gamer Are You?

Before I kick things off this week it’s with a great deal of excitement to announce that we officially have our first sponsor, Jerky Pro Beef Jerky. I’d like to give a big thanks to those guys for giving us a chance and hope this leads to good things for both sides. With that said,… Continue reading What Kind Of Gamer Are You?

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Magic, An Old Recipe With A New Flavor.

Last time we got together I went into some of the various demihuman races that are offered in D&D for players to choose from, and also how I always tend to lean towards playing humans no matter how I might try otherwise. Well one thing led to another and I got going on all of… Continue reading Magic, An Old Recipe With A New Flavor.

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No More Than Human

Browsing through a much-neglected shelf a couple of weeks ago I came across an old D&D supplement, a collection of articles from TSR’s much beloved Dragon Magazine from way back in the day. Not remembering actually buying this little trove my curiosity got the better of me, so I naturally started thumbing through the pages… Continue reading No More Than Human

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The Lonely Life Of A Solo Wargamer

One of the coolest hobbies I've stumbled upon in my adult life is minature wargaming. However, most of my friends never really gave it the time of day. I've always been into strategy gaming growing up, so when I discovered a table top version I immediately geeked out. There's a few problems with getting into… Continue reading The Lonely Life Of A Solo Wargamer

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Unlimited, But Oddly Limiting

Hello again, everybody. So, being trapped at home for the last couple weeks I once again found myself picking through my books, which seems to be a running theme for me if you can remember a few of my earlier articles. Going through my shelves, I couldn’t help but stop on the one that houses… Continue reading Unlimited, But Oddly Limiting

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Mullets, Tigers, and Meth – Or, New Inspiration for D&D Characters

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! If you're like me, then you've run out of everything good to watch on Netflix. Last weekend my husband and I finally caved and gave into watching the Tiger King documentary series. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it through all the… Continue reading Mullets, Tigers, and Meth – Or, New Inspiration for D&D Characters

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Have You Shown Your GM Some Love Lately?

Happy March 4th, everyone! You're probably wondering, what's so special about this day? Well, today happens to be Game Master's Appreciation Day! For those who are not into the RPG world, a Game Master is someone who wears many hats during a role playing game session. They are in charge of players following the rules,… Continue reading Have You Shown Your GM Some Love Lately?