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Zombies, Parkour, and More

It's finally September which means that it is finally spooky season! I may or may not love Halloween more than Christmas. There is just something about the change of weather, the cool crisp breeze in the air, the changing of the leaves, rainy cold days when you can go home and enjoy a hot cup… Continue reading Zombies, Parkour, and More

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Resident Evil: A Series Misunderstood By Fans

Who remembers the first time they experienced Resident Evil? I remember being a kid with my fresh, new Nintendo Gamecube starring at the case of a game I got for my birthday. That game was Resident Evil Zero. I waited until the sun sat, drew the blinds down, and experienced what would become a life… Continue reading Resident Evil: A Series Misunderstood By Fans


Run for your Life

2020 is officially halfway over! Honestly it seems like every month has led to a new crisis: a global pandemic, giant murder hornets, etc... What great disaster could possibly happen next? Zombie apocalypse? You never know, which is why you should be prepared just in case. The app, Zombie, Run!, helps you get in the… Continue reading Run for your Life