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Several Tips For New Dungeon Masters

So, you're running your first one shot for your group, and you're absolutely terrified. It's okay, I've been there. Every new DM has been there. You're scared your players will hate the adventure you've spent so long on creating, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Your players are honestly just happy to get… Continue reading Several Tips For New Dungeon Masters

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Holy Hell, Did We Ever Take a Dark Turn.

Hello, friends, and welcome back. So last week we took a look at the old school inspired RPG the Hero’s Journey, and if you haven’t checked it out for yourself get on it, because it’s a great high fantasy style system that deserves some love. For this week, we’re doing a total 180, diving into… Continue reading Holy Hell, Did We Ever Take a Dark Turn.

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Onward to Adventure!

Being stuck at home more often than not lately, I finally got a chance to dive into a couple of new games that I purchased on the cheap a while back, and I was more than pleased with what I found once I did. They’re both systems that are heavily inspired by the fantastic old… Continue reading Onward to Adventure!


Habitica: Life Is An RPG

Do you have trouble keeping up with so many tasks throughout the day like I do? I've stumbled across a sweet little app call Habitica. If you know us here at 101 Milita Gaming, then you know there just HAS to be a geek twist to this amazing app. Well, fear not my fellow disorganized… Continue reading Habitica: Life Is An RPG