When Fillers Become Overkill

Welcome back, Militia! Today we are going to chill for a few minutes and talk about something that has been on my mind a lot here lately. We are going to be discussing fillers! What exactly do I mean by fillers? Well, I'm talking about those chapters and episodes in manga and anime that go... Continue Reading →

New Anime Obsession: Erased

It's officially autumn, which means that between work and theatrical productions your girl is chilling by checking out "new" anime! I'll be 100% with you... lately it has been a little difficult for me to get into newer titles. I suppose if I have a choice I usually just go with a tried and true... Continue Reading →

Anime Burnout?

Anime burnout. It's something that isn't discussed nearly as often as it probably should be in our little community, but it is certainly prevalent. What exactly is it and how can an otaku battle against it?You see, we are a unique breed - working adults with active lifestyles who just happen to be otakus. Something... Continue Reading →

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