Let’s Talk: Super Mario Sunshine!

I know, this is supposed to be a conclusion on Oceanhorn, but I unfortunately haven’t finished it yet for a few various reasons. One being my competition fatigue debuff has expired, which led to Jericoh101, Lady McCool and myself to hop back into Hunt: Showdown. In lieu of that, I thought I’d take a minute... Continue Reading →

The Best of the Super Nintendo

Maybe it's due to the fact that I'm having a baby next week, maybe it's due to Covid boredom, but I have been feeling super nostalgic lately. Nostalgia is a hot topic these days too. You walk in to any game store, or used to be able to, and can find posters and figurines of... Continue Reading →

Competition Fatigue In Video Games

In a recent article of mine, I went over why bots had disappeared in modern video games. This week it kind of hit me more than usual. With the domination of the video game industry by multiplayer focused games, it's becoming tough to be onto of the latest content. I'm talking about competition fatigue, a... Continue Reading →

The Squared (8-Bit) Circle.

Greetings again, gang, and welcome back for another go around. So, given what season it is, I’d like to take some time to talk about something a little different today. Our last few get togethers have focused mainly on the RPG and tabletop gaming side of things, but for this one I thought it’d be... Continue Reading →

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