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The Bad Rap: Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon

Welcome back for another installment of The Bad Rap! As always, The Bad Rap is a continuing series that updates once or twice a month with anime characters that folks love to despise. I cooked up a good one for y'all this week because we are going to talk about the infamous time traveling brat… Continue reading The Bad Rap: Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon

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The Bad Rap: Excalibur

FOOL! Yeah, chances are if you're a fan of the anime Soul Eater, you read that short and simple insult in old Excalibur's voice. But what if you have never seen Soul Eater and have no idea who Excalibur is (other than a legendary sword featured in Sir Arthur's tales of heroics?) Well, it is… Continue reading The Bad Rap: Excalibur