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When Game Night Goes Virtual

I can't believe it's finally November. 2020 has felt like the year that is never going to end. Between COVID-19, the election, wildfires on the westcoast, murder wasps, etc....whewwww I don't know about you, but I am over it. Most of all, I miss game night. There's nothing better than getting together with a group… Continue reading When Game Night Goes Virtual

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Classic Matches That Made Careers

Every now and again in the wrestling world you get a truly great talent that comes along, whether they have superb in rings skills, are gold on the mic, work a great gimmick, or are the rare total package with all of it. But for the few that shine there are going to be just… Continue reading Classic Matches That Made Careers

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A New Dawn Of Strategy Games On Consoles

I have always been a huge fan of strategy games. Growing up, I would watch my dad play the likes of Civilization, Command and Conquer, Sudden Strike, Age of Empires, and even the great Tropico. However, as time went on I would find myself gravitating more towards gaming consoles than PC's. If you're a strategy… Continue reading A New Dawn Of Strategy Games On Consoles

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Anime Burnout?

Anime burnout. It's something that isn't discussed nearly as often as it probably should be in our little community, but it is certainly prevalent. What exactly is it and how can an otaku battle against it?You see, we are a unique breed - working adults with active lifestyles who just happen to be otakus. Something… Continue reading Anime Burnout?

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Why Is Geek Culture So Toxic?

The geek culture community has always been an inviting place for me to come and discuss my thoughts on several of my favorite fandoms. You would think you'd be able to network with fellow lovers of your of your favorite franchises, and have a healthy discussion. Right? WRONG. Geek culture is full of some of… Continue reading Why Is Geek Culture So Toxic?

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Cult Classic Throwback: The Sims

Welcome to today's installment of Cult Classic Throwback with your pals at 101 Militia Gaming! Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular cult classic games of all time. Yep, you've got it - we're discussing the original The Sims. Like many young kids, I was first introduced to The Sims… Continue reading Cult Classic Throwback: The Sims

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, The Greatest Entry That Revolutionized A Franchise

Oh the great memories of playing Black Flag at 2 A.M, singing sea shanties with my crew quietly while my wife sleeps in the next room. I have never been more invested into an Assassin's Creed game EVER. There was something about Black Flag that set itself apart from every entry previous, and honestly every… Continue reading Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, The Greatest Entry That Revolutionized A Franchise

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Sorry I Missed It, But Happy I Found It.

Greetings, everyone, and welcome back. Every now and again I manage to come across something that has somehow slip under my radar, and I wonder to myself how the hell I never seemed to notice it before. Well that’s exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago when I was on the edge of sleep… Continue reading Sorry I Missed It, But Happy I Found It.


30 Day Geek Out Challenge…in 1 Day

This week I found a 30 Day Geek Out Challenge and I thought, wow, I could totally do that! But then I remember that I work full-time and have a newborn baby so realistically doing this for 30 straight days? Yeah, probably not going to happen. So then I thought I would just answer all… Continue reading 30 Day Geek Out Challenge…in 1 Day