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My PlayStation Account Was Hacked

So, like the title suggests, my PlayStation account was hacked. It rattled me, not gonna lie. I'm not really sure what joy people get from hacking other's accounts, but they do. It's a shame really how some low life will go through all that trouble to hack am account just to get booted out by… Continue reading My PlayStation Account Was Hacked

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Beat’em Up Real Good!

Everyone likes a retro video game, and if you don’t, chances are you’re just plain wrong. Now, there are plenty of genres out there to choose from and enjoy, but one of my personal favorites has always been a good old fashion beat’em up. There’s just something about being able to casually pop in a… Continue reading Beat’em Up Real Good!

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Why Do We Demand Backwards Compatibility Every New Generation

With the dawn of a new age of gaming just around the corner, there has been one particular issue that all gamers have been concerned with: Backwards Compatibility. With just two weeks left until the release of the great PlayStation 5, many potential buyers are unsure of the system's capabilities concerning playing their older games… Continue reading Why Do We Demand Backwards Compatibility Every New Generation

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A Spooky Modern Classic: Dead By Daylight

Happy Mischief Night, boils and ghouls! Today is one of my favorite days of the year! That's right, October 30th - the day right before Halloween. And because today is one of my favorite days, I'm going to discuss one of my favorite games - Dead By Daylight. Just one of many death scenes featured… Continue reading A Spooky Modern Classic: Dead By Daylight

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Tropico 6 Review

Oh Tropico, how I love your classic Spanish soundtrack, and your strange obsession with Llamas. I grew up playing this little gem, and as time went on I noticed how true each entry in the franchise would stay to its core. The core gameplay that made Tropico what it was has always remained over the… Continue reading Tropico 6 Review

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Warlock! A Full Review

Last month I did an article on a few RPGs that I thought were just too good to pass up, and I really hope you enjoyed it and checked a few of them out for yourself. Well, since then, I’ve had a chance to finish a thorough read thru of Warlock!, and I really wanted… Continue reading Warlock! A Full Review

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What To Do When Competition Fatigue Sets In

There's been a major shift in gaming culture. Once we were so excited to get new narrative experiences that send us on the whirlwindadventures. Now the only thing that matters is how high your K.D.R (Kill Death Ratio) is. It's sad, because gaming has turned from an artistic experience into a sporting event. I'm not… Continue reading What To Do When Competition Fatigue Sets In

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A New Dawn Of Strategy Games On Consoles

I have always been a huge fan of strategy games. Growing up, I would watch my dad play the likes of Civilization, Command and Conquer, Sudden Strike, Age of Empires, and even the great Tropico. However, as time went on I would find myself gravitating more towards gaming consoles than PC's. If you're a strategy… Continue reading A New Dawn Of Strategy Games On Consoles

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The Forest: One Of The Best Survival Games On PS4

Survival crafting games have steadily found their way into the mainstream gaming culture ever since the overwhelming success of the great Minecraft. Many have risen up from the shadows of Minecraft, and many have fallen. Being a pretty big fan of survival games, I'm usually always on the lookout for new variations to quench my… Continue reading The Forest: One Of The Best Survival Games On PS4

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Don’t Pass These Up.

Are you an adult like me? If so, then you’re probably on a budget and it sucks. Do you also happen to like old school RPGs? In that case you’re awesome, but there’s that damn budget so it also probably sucks. But thankfully I’m here for you, because trolling through DriveThruRpg I’ve come across some… Continue reading Don’t Pass These Up.