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Interview With M2H And Blackmill Games

It's not easy developing a decent game set during the events of the first world war. That's why when we get one, it's truly a reason to rejoice. The great minds over at M2H and Blackmill Games have given us not one, but two amazing WW1 first person shooters this generation. Those who know me… Continue reading Interview With M2H And Blackmill Games

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Rainbow Six Siege: Toxic Culture

Very few games can capture the pro gaming community's attention, but ever since its release, Rainbow Six Siege has been at the front dominating the pro circuit. The game is an absolute thrill to play with a group of friends. For those who don't know, Siege is a 5v5 tactical shooter where one team attempts… Continue reading Rainbow Six Siege: Toxic Culture

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Couch Co-op: The End of an Era?

Let’s talk today about a bygone era. An era of boyfriend-and-girlfriend or even multiple friends surrounding one TV for a heated co-op brawl! With the rise of battle royales, in-depth online multiplayers, etc. We’ve witnessed a steep decline of the treasured couch co-op. There are still a few lurking in between the cracks and crevices… Continue reading Couch Co-op: The End of an Era?

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Competition Fatigue In Video Games

In a recent article of mine, I went over why bots had disappeared in modern video games. This week it kind of hit me more than usual. With the domination of the video game industry by multiplayer focused games, it's becoming tough to be onto of the latest content. I'm talking about competition fatigue, a… Continue reading Competition Fatigue In Video Games

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Cult Classic Throwback: Blood

It is that time once again for a Cult Classic Throwback! Today we are taking it on back to May 21, 1997, when Monolith Productions and GT Interactive Software released Blood in all of its gory glory. Blood was a first-person shooter that featured a gun-slinging ex (sort of) cultist named Caleb on a vengeful… Continue reading Cult Classic Throwback: Blood