Anime Burnout?

Anime burnout. It's something that isn't discussed nearly as often as it probably should be in our little community, but it is certainly prevalent. What exactly is it and how can an otaku battle against it?You see, we are a unique breed - working adults with active lifestyles who just happen to be otakus. Something... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Six Siege: Toxic Culture

Very few games can capture the pro gaming community's attention, but ever since its release, Rainbow Six Siege has been at the front dominating the pro circuit. The game is an absolute thrill to play with a group of friends. For those who don't know, Siege is a 5v5 tactical shooter where one team attempts... Continue Reading →

Video Villains Rule!

Greetings once again everyone, and I hope that you’re all still doing well. With stay at home fever gradually starting to wind down a return to normal activities seems imminently closer, so that means I’m going to have less time on my hands to indulge in the video games that’s helped me and my daughter... Continue Reading →

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