Space is Cold, But War is Colder.

Hello again, guys, and welcome back for the third entry in our animated shows you’ve probably never seen but should series. The last couple weeks we’ve taken a look at two shows with strong action/adventure and light horror elements, going back to 1993 and 1994 to revisit Mighty Max and Skeleton Warriors. For this week,… Continue reading Space is Cold, But War is Colder.


For the Legion of Light!

Greetings, everyone, and welcome back for another go around. I hope you’ve all been doing well considering the tumultuousness of our current environment. Last week we began our journey together in taking a look at a few animated series that you’ve probably never seen before but should, kicking things off with 1993’s Mighty Max. I… Continue reading For the Legion of Light!

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The Legend of Zelda… The Animated Series?

For a lot of my younger readers, I’m sure it is hard to think of the classic game series The Legend of Zelda as anything but the, well, classic game series. However, some might be a bit surprised to learn that there was an animated series that aired briefly on television, featuring 13 episodes of… Continue reading The Legend of Zelda… The Animated Series?