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New Anime Obsession: Erased

It's officially autumn, which means that between work and theatrical productions your girl is chilling by checking out "new" anime! I'll be 100% with you... lately it has been a little difficult for me to get into newer titles. I suppose if I have a choice I usually just go with a tried and true… Continue reading New Anime Obsession: Erased

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Anime Burnout?

Anime burnout. It's something that isn't discussed nearly as often as it probably should be in our little community, but it is certainly prevalent. What exactly is it and how can an otaku battle against it?You see, we are a unique breed - working adults with active lifestyles who just happen to be otakus. Something… Continue reading Anime Burnout?

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12 Of The Best Nerdy Baby Shower Gifts Found On Amazon

Ah, love is in the air! You know what that means… a new generation of little geeks and nerds are being brought into the world! I don’t know about you guys, but 2020 is an especially exciting year for me because my brother and sister-in-law are having their first baby this summer - and they… Continue reading 12 Of The Best Nerdy Baby Shower Gifts Found On Amazon


The Great Anime/Manga Taboo: Yaoi as a Genre

Yaoi. Either you've heard about it, or you haven't - and if you are an anime nerd or perhaps enjoy the casual manga series, you most likely have noticed the word and have opinions. Images of a certain anime might cause a shudder (come on, y'all - YOU KNOW WHICH ONE) and this just might… Continue reading The Great Anime/Manga Taboo: Yaoi as a Genre