Our Partners!

We here at 101 Milita Gaming love to squad up with like minded businesses. Our partnerships, and you the reader keep us chugging along on this journey. Take a look at our partners below with some sweet discounts!

NoName Nerd

Are you in the neighborhood for some sweet gaming apparel? Then look no further. Our partners at NoName Nerd have the absolute COOLEST selection of custom nerd apparel to satisfy any. They offer custom gaming jerseys, epic tier jewelry, and so much more! Use our code ‘101Militia’ to get 10% off your purchase! It’s a fantastic gift for all your fellow nerd friends, or a little something for yourself!


Our pals over at JerkyPro produce some of the absolute best beek jerky you can get. They offer a variety of flavors, and is the perfect snack for a late night gaming session! Use our code ‘101Militia’ at checkout for a SWEET little discount. We here at 101 Militia Gaming love our beek jerky. Give them a look and check them out!

Forever Grip

Now here’s the solution to one of the biggest gaming problems. Have you ever been in an intense shoot out and your thumb slips off your stick? Yep, me too. Forever Grips changes the game by providing unique thumb grips for your controller at a affordable cost! Not only do they supply grips, they also make controller covers too making each one you own as unique as yourself. Use our code ‘101MILITIA’ at check out to get an amzing 15% off, and kiss slipping thumb sticks goodbye!