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For Journey or Adventure, What’s the Difference?

I’ve often heard this question asked when it comes to storytelling, are you in it for the journey or simply there for the sheer thrill of adventure. Many would say that they’re the exact same thing and since the dawn of time we’ve just been recycling the same basic story and plot over and over… Continue reading For Journey or Adventure, What’s the Difference?

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When Game Night Goes Virtual

I can't believe it's finally November. 2020 has felt like the year that is never going to end. Between COVID-19, the election, wildfires on the westcoast, murder wasps, etc....whewwww I don't know about you, but I am over it. Most of all, I miss game night. There's nothing better than getting together with a group… Continue reading When Game Night Goes Virtual

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Stumbling Across Gold And Glory

I’ve said before that my typical go to system for fantasy gaming was AD&D 2nd Edition, and it’s definitely no secret just how much I love me a good retro clone. So, scrolling through DriveThruRpg a few weeks ago I came across an interesting find in the pay what you want section, and though I… Continue reading Stumbling Across Gold And Glory

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Deathwing, A Brutal Personal Taste Of The Grim Dark Future

Recently I have been absolutely obsessing with Warhammer 40k. I've found myself spiraling down a rabbit hole of lore that is more extensive than any fandom I've ever seen. Like seriously. There is SO MUCH. I mean just reading the back story of the Emporer of Man seriously had me digging up more and more… Continue reading Deathwing, A Brutal Personal Taste Of The Grim Dark Future

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Warlock! A Full Review

Last month I did an article on a few RPGs that I thought were just too good to pass up, and I really hope you enjoyed it and checked a few of them out for yourself. Well, since then, I’ve had a chance to finish a thorough read thru of Warlock!, and I really wanted… Continue reading Warlock! A Full Review

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Don’t Pass These Up.

Are you an adult like me? If so, then you’re probably on a budget and it sucks. Do you also happen to like old school RPGs? In that case you’re awesome, but there’s that damn budget so it also probably sucks. But thankfully I’m here for you, because trolling through DriveThruRpg I’ve come across some… Continue reading Don’t Pass These Up.

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The Highest Level of All. Yeah, You’d Have to be High.

Sometimes I come across an interesting little curio that strikes me as incredibly odd, whether that be strangely good, horribly bad, or weird in a way that I wonder how it was ever made in the first place. Such is the case with a little offering that’s simply titled Fantasy Wargaming (tag line, The Highest… Continue reading The Highest Level of All. Yeah, You’d Have to be High.

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Several Tips For New Dungeon Masters

So, you're running your first one shot for your group, and you're absolutely terrified. It's okay, I've been there. Every new DM has been there. You're scared your players will hate the adventure you've spent so long on creating, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Your players are honestly just happy to get… Continue reading Several Tips For New Dungeon Masters

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Way Overdue For a Fresh Take.

I always hate to see things that I like left to languish in oblivion, but over the past few years that’s exactly what’s been happening with one of my favorite games from when I younger, and that’s Hero Quest. See, rumors of a long awaited 25th anniversary edition have been circulating for god knows how… Continue reading Way Overdue For a Fresh Take.