Run for your Life

2020 is officially halfway over! Honestly it seems like every month has led to a new crisis: a global pandemic, giant murder hornets, etc... What great disaster could possibly happen next? Zombie apocalypse? You never know, which is why you should be prepared just in case. The app, Zombie, Run!, helps you get in the… Continue reading Run for your Life

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Star Trek Bridge Crew: The Most Under Appreciated Coop Game Of The Generation

Wanna know what's better than partying up with your friends? Partying with your friends on the bridge of a starship that's what. Star Trek Bridge Crew allows you and four of your friends to take the helm of a federation starship and complete a variety of randomized missions. Each player takes control of a different… Continue reading Star Trek Bridge Crew: The Most Under Appreciated Coop Game Of The Generation


Habitica: Life Is An RPG

Do you have trouble keeping up with so many tasks throughout the day like I do? I've stumbled across a sweet little app call Habitica. If you know us here at 101 Milita Gaming, then you know there just HAS to be a geek twist to this amazing app. Well, fear not my fellow disorganized… Continue reading Habitica: Life Is An RPG


27 Questions (and Comments): An Artemis Fowl Review

Artemis Fowl. This evil little twelve year old was my childhood. It was the first fandom I was ever in. It was the first fanfiction I ever read and, yes, wrote. I learned the fairy language so I could decipher the lines along edges of the pages of the first book. I wrote in the… Continue reading 27 Questions (and Comments): An Artemis Fowl Review

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Boots on the Moon: A Space Force Review

Well it has definitely been a minute since I've had a chance to write something. But I have a good excuse. Meet Matilda! Introducing the newest member of the 101Militia family, Matilda. We can't wait to raise her to be a little nerd like her mom and dad. Being on maternity leave has given me… Continue reading Boots on the Moon: A Space Force Review

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Let’s Talk: Oceanhorn

Being stuck inside for however many days I’ve been inside (I lost count somewhere around April) I’ve been digging into some more childhood games. As a young kid I couldn’t get over my obsession with Legend of Zelda, it’s my all time favorite franchise and I’ve played each game to death, all except for the… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Oceanhorn


Nerdy Beats To Focus To

I have, miracle of all miracles, started writing again. Like real, proper, manageable-word-count-goal-a-day writing. Now, an important part of writing, for me and many others, is having the proper background noise. This is often the same for studying or trying to sleep or really just doing anything that requires more focus than my attention span… Continue reading Nerdy Beats To Focus To

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The Bad Rap: Excalibur

FOOL! Yeah, chances are if you're a fan of the anime Soul Eater, you read that short and simple insult in old Excalibur's voice. But what if you have never seen Soul Eater and have no idea who Excalibur is (other than a legendary sword featured in Sir Arthur's tales of heroics?) Well, it is… Continue reading The Bad Rap: Excalibur

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Outward- Love it or Hate it?

Today let’s talk about Outward. A survival RPG that will test your limits. Buts let’s break it down. The game is two things; Survival and RPG. The best survival games are all about lacking power. They depict a struggle against a world that’s not only uncaring but actively trying to kill you. Where’s the fun… Continue reading Outward- Love it or Hate it?