Bi-Weekly Book Club: The Last Wish (Part One)

This is an idea I’ve had since I first started writing for 101 Militia, but it never made the cut on any previous weeks because I want this to be really interactive, and the stats just weren’t there for it. In the past few weeks, though, our readership has really been climbing! And I’m hoping… Continue reading Bi-Weekly Book Club: The Last Wish (Part One)

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LitRPG’s Your new Obsession!

First let me apologize to my fans, I didn’t have an article last weekend because Jericoh101 welcomed a new addition to to the family, so congratulations are in order. In the midst of chaos it slipped my mind so I apologize. But we get to start this weekend with one of my favorite book genres.… Continue reading LitRPG’s Your new Obsession!

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Making Butterbeer: An Exercise in Hubris

This week I’m going to be attempting to make a Harry Potter staple: Butterbeer! “But which recipe are you going to use, Sam?” I hear you ask through the screen. To which I reply: What is a recipe? I don’t need a recipe! Recipes are a myth! (In all honesty, I tried to look up… Continue reading Making Butterbeer: An Exercise in Hubris

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What’s Your Hogwarts House?

Growing up, I was downright obsessed with the wizarding world penned by J. K. Rowling. I was ecstatic when I got my hardback copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for Christmas of 2001, along with a ton of HP stationary stickers from Hallmark that I proceeded to press between the pages of my… Continue reading What’s Your Hogwarts House?

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Merlin’s Beard! It’s a Harry Potter Wedding

Ah, is there anything better in this world than nerd love? When John and I decided to get married, I knew we couldn't just have a traditional wedding, it just wasn't us. I wanted our wedding to be special, memorable, and most importantly, fun! We agreed that a Harry Potter themed wedding would be a… Continue reading Merlin’s Beard! It’s a Harry Potter Wedding