Manga: A Brief Breakdown

Manga is a popular pastime shared by people all over the world. But for folks new to the scene? It can be a little overwhelming figuring out the different genres. Well boys and girls, 101 Militia Gaming is here to help! Today I have comprised a basic list of just a few of the general... Continue Reading →

How to Start a Revolution

If you’re FBI/CIA and you fell for my clickbait, you legally have to leave me a like and comment that you’re a secret agent or it’s entrapment. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. For real though, let’s talk about a classic comic: V for Vendetta, and connect it a bit to today. Spoiler warning I... Continue Reading →

Batman, But Not Bruce.

The more glimpses I see the more I find myself thinking about just what the new Batman flick will turn out to be, as the interpretations of the character over the years have been so varied that it’s hard to nail down just what the tone of the upcoming offering will look like. One thing... Continue Reading →

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