Level Up Your Sock Game!

Hello again everyone! I took a couple of months off there to recharge and get a few things in order, but now I’m back and ready to bring you more fun and nerdy content! Today, I’d like to talk to you about socks. They can be an important part of a cosplay, depending on the... Continue Reading →

Five First Episodes: Horror Podcasts

I fancy myself a lover of all things horror, and yet it’s been brought to my attention recently that I only listen to a single horror podcast. Despite having my headphones in my ears near constantly, listening to podcasts as I work, horror is woefully underrepresented in my listen list. I discovered this while listening... Continue Reading →

My Room is Full of Corpses

I’m moving at the moment, so this may be short and (bitter)sweet, but it’s something that’s been running through my mind. My room is full of corpses, and I bet that yours is too. I’ve gone through all my things, I've picked apart my room, and I’ve found them back in drawers, all tucked away.... Continue Reading →

I Cannot Stop Saying Ooblets

Ooblets. ooblets. Ooooooblets. Ooblets? Ooblets. Ooblets is an indie, single player game being released July 15th for early access on Xbox One and the Epic Games Store. It’s also my new favorite word. A list of things the game includes: Farming They had me at farming game and yet... there's more. Dance battles You. Me.... Continue Reading →

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