Bi-Weekly Book Club: The Last Wish (Part One)

This is an idea I’ve had since I first started writing for 101 Militia, but it never made the cut on any previous weeks because I want this to be really interactive, and the stats just weren’t there for it. In the past few weeks, though, our readership has really been climbing! And I’m hoping… Continue reading Bi-Weekly Book Club: The Last Wish (Part One)


27 Questions (and Comments): An Artemis Fowl Review

Artemis Fowl. This evil little twelve year old was my childhood. It was the first fandom I was ever in. It was the first fanfiction I ever read and, yes, wrote. I learned the fairy language so I could decipher the lines along edges of the pages of the first book. I wrote in the… Continue reading 27 Questions (and Comments): An Artemis Fowl Review

Video Games

A Few Hopes for Horizon Forbidden West

Last week, Sony and Guerilla Games announced that Horizon Forbidden West (the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn) will be released for the PS5 sometime in 2021. The announcement trailer didn’t have a ton of hints about what the game will contain apart from more machines, more world, and more apocalypse, but there’s only so much… Continue reading A Few Hopes for Horizon Forbidden West

Video Games

Three Games (Plus 1634 More)

If I’ve done my math right, by the time this is published there should be a little over three days left for you get 1637 games for five dollars. Not five dollars each. Five dollars. Right now, is offering a Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, with half of the proceeds going to NAACP… Continue reading Three Games (Plus 1634 More)


How to Start a Revolution

If you’re FBI/CIA and you fell for my clickbait, you legally have to leave me a like and comment that you’re a secret agent or it’s entrapment. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. For real though, let’s talk about a classic comic: V for Vendetta, and connect it a bit to today. Spoiler warning I… Continue reading How to Start a Revolution


Nerdy Beats To Focus To

I have, miracle of all miracles, started writing again. Like real, proper, manageable-word-count-goal-a-day writing. Now, an important part of writing, for me and many others, is having the proper background noise. This is often the same for studying or trying to sleep or really just doing anything that requires more focus than my attention span… Continue reading Nerdy Beats To Focus To


Three Podcasts to Listen to in Quarantine

Back in March I recommended three books to get you through quarantine. Well, here we are two months later and many of us are still on lockdown. Since I assume you’ve finished those books by now (I certainly hope so, they were required reading and will be on the exam) I’m back with three podcasts… Continue reading Three Podcasts to Listen to in Quarantine

Cosplay, Fantasy

Making Butterbeer: An Exercise in Hubris

This week I’m going to be attempting to make a Harry Potter staple: Butterbeer! “But which recipe are you going to use, Sam?” I hear you ask through the screen. To which I reply: What is a recipe? I don’t need a recipe! Recipes are a myth! (In all honesty, I tried to look up… Continue reading Making Butterbeer: An Exercise in Hubris