Aliens: Fireteam Elite (Not Overly Critical) Review

Let me start off by saying this is one of the best new games of the year hands down. I know we have a lot of awesome releases coming up later in 2021, but we here at 101 Militia Gaming have been having a blast with this game. There hasn’t been many great co-op shooters since World War Z dropped, so this is a breath of fresh air.

The first of four campaigns drop you and your friends onto an abandoned space station infested by everyone’s favorite cockroach like aliens, the Xenomorphs. The gameplay is pretty typical for this style of game. Move from point A to point B, dig in and hold out against waves of enemies, then exit the level. It’s an old formula, but a formula that still works beautifully here.

About to get ate.

The actual feel of the game is as close to Gears of War without being it. The only thing missing is the crouch run. The cover system, blind fire, dodge rolling, and combat against the Synths in later campaigns make you swear you’re fighting the Locust.

The game has a pretty awesome weapons system, one that I was kind of surprised to see in a game like this. There’s multiple weapons for each class, each fully customizable with all sorts of attachments. There’s different optics that changes your effective range stats, magazines that increase ammo capacity and reload speed, and even different muzzle attachments to adjust your accuracy to your play style. It’s refreshing to see a detailed customization system in a horde based game.

So, how does the game play solo? Well, the bot team mates are pretty bad. You CAN play solo, but honestly this game is so much better with friends. I can say that with most games like this it is most immersive when playing alone, but come on, it’s a co-op game. Now, I’m pretty sure your experience wouldn’t be that great with random, but if you enjoy it with your closest gamer friends you’re going to have a ball.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Over all Aliens: Fireteam Elite is an epic sci-fi co-op shooter that adds to a genre that has been lacking in the past few years. It can be so intense sometimes that you’ll be sweating as you barely make it through the exit of a chapter. Very few games can hold that kind of intensity in combat, but this one does that perfectly. We here at 101 Militia Gaming could not reccomend this game more. Now get out there and kill some bugs Marine!

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