“Everyone Can Be a Hero”: First (Kinda) Impressions of My Hero Academia

Hello again, Militia! Today we are going to talk about an anime I never really gave a chance in the past. Why? Well, there’s several reasons, but I suppose the biggest had to be the fact of how popular it has become in such a short amount of time. I know, I know – that ain’t the way to properly judge an anime. So after much insistence from my brother over the years to give it another real shot, I finally decided to just go for it and give My Hero Academia another chance. And here is my take on the first several episodes.

This scene genuinely broke my heart. Poor baby… 💔

As any viewer of MHA will tell you, the show opens to a world where most people are born with unique and special powers that are called Quirks. This is so commonplace that people without Quirks are the minority and are seen as population waiting to be saved. That’s where our boy Izuku Midoriya comes in. This kid spent his entire life dreaming of becoming a hero, even though it turns out that he is physically incapable of having a genetic quirk (it basically boils down to having an extra joint in your toe… that must really suck) but despite knowing that he will not have a quirk, he still holds tight to his dream of going to the Hero Academy and becoming the world’s greatest hero. It’s all extremely inspiring… except when he puts himself in danger and is oftentimes bullied by his peers and supposed childhood friend. Yeah, this old buddy of his gets under my skin. I kind of get Naruto and Sasuke vibes on their relationship, so my early guess is that later on down the line they get over their differences after Izuku saves this punk’s life a few more times and they become BFF’s with a weird past.

ANYWAY. Izuku has a heroic breakthrough that catches the eye of the all-powerful (not really) All Might, and thus begins a beautiful mission of turning this frail crybaby into the physical shell to hold a quirk that seems to only be passed by consuming the DNA of the person all ready holding the power. Huh. Now, I’m still very new to the series. I just stopped at the episode where Izuku has passed the entrance exam.

Izuku accepting that his life is going to change forever to follow his dreams.

At this point, I can tell you that I’m enjoying the ride. I can completely see why the series is so popular. It gives me those old-school Naruto vibes with other nice influences that you often see in older anime, but with a neat new spin for modern audiences. I enjoy the animation, as I’m a long-time fan of Bones productions. And even the intro music is a bop. So, I can safely say that as someone who held reservations about MHA, I’ll continue watching it to see the character development and see where this unique story goes.

Well, what do YOU think of My Hero Academia? Is it an instant classic or is it overrated? Let us know in the comments below – we love hearing your take! 👾🎮👾

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