Battlefield 2042’s Portal Mode Will Set An Industry Standard

We here are 101 Militia Gaming are incredibly excited for Battlefield 2042, but what we’re most excited for is the new Portal mode. So what is this new mode? It is essentially a sandbox creator that has assets from most modern Battlefield games! If you want to pit German World War 2 troops against modern soldiers then you can. If you want two sides to fight with just knives, you can. If you want to see who would win between a Spitfire and a Little Bird then guess what…you can!

This mode will allow players to construct their own solo and co-op battles with different modifications. It even let’s you add NPCs for both opposing factions! Now, some may say this is a way to get out of making a TRUE singleplayer experience. Well, look here. Battlefield was never made to have a story. The story was made through your own in-gane experience with your friends versus bots. This was way back in the days of Battlefield 1942 (the original) where really all you could do was fight bots. And if you’re a follower of the website, then you know we here at 101 Militia Gaming love fighting bots.

WW2 German Soldier Stabbing A Modern Soldier In Portal Mode

This type of sandbox experience has been desperately needed in the world of military simulators. There just hasn’t been a game where you can truly immerse yourself into any kind of scenario you can think of. The days of setting out a co-op scenario against the Ai was thought to be over, but with this I have a strong feeling that other franchises will follow in Battlefield’s foot steps.

Not only are we getting the full assets from 2042, we’re getting assets from most major entries in the franchise from the past 10 years. This is just absolutely incredible. They could’ve just stopped with the new game, but they went out of their way to include these other assets. This opens up a whole new world of opportunity to make some of the most intense custom battles you can think of!

We’re really excited for this year’s Battlefield, and hope you are too! Check out the sweet trailer for Battlefield 2042’s Portal Mode!

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