The Bad Rap: Medusa from Soul Eater

Welcome back to another thrilling installment of The Bad Rap! Today we are taking it on back to a 2000s classic – and a personal favorite of mine – Soul Eater! And where would Soul Eater be without the nasty antagonist who unleashed a harrowing evil onto the earth? That’s right, we have Medusa in today’s Bad Rap hot seat!

Although, she did look quite nice in that lab coat!

Medusa is without a doubt one of those anime villains you continue to despise the longer the series continued. From first appearances she seemed like a typical antagonist – the moving piece that created the downward spiral that caused our young meisters and weapons to have to put their education on the back burner to save the world. But as watchers of Soul Eater know, unleashing the Kishen wasn’t the only horrendous thing this witch did. No, her reign was long and pretty awful.

Medusa with her snake

One of her most awful deeds was using her own child, Crona, as a pawn in awakening the Kishen. She injected them with black blood and viciously trained them to become a ruthless killer from a very young age. They continued to suffer psychological breakdowns the entire series, all due to the trauma she had them endure.

Medusa had no remorse at all when it came to killing anyone to see that her goal was realized, and even infiltrated the academy to be closer to this goal. Even after being “killed” by Professor Stein, she managed to possess the body of a young girl and continued on with her mission while putting the child in harm’s way countless times.

One of Medusa’s attacks

Does Medusa deserve her Bad Rap? Absolutely. In fact, she is more of a villain than even the Kishen on my eyes. She stopped at nothing to get her way and cause the world to spiral into madness, and for what? Power. Putting her own child in danger without the slightest care that they just may die and bringing on the beginning of the end of the world was all in a day’s work for the snake witch.

What do you think about Soul Eater‘s Medusa? Let us know in the comments below! ✌

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