7 Days To Die, A Missed Opportunity

When 7 Days To Die was announced for consoles, gamers were absolutely thrilled. Finally, we were getting a TRUE zombie survival game that would push any self proclaimed “zombologist”. I was counting down the days to release until the day finally arrived! Man, the game was amazing. It was everything we dreamed it would be. Then, it happened. Console support was cut due to developers Fun Pimps losing rights to the game.

This led to the game falling into disrepair. Bugs, glitches, and exploits litter the current game. Zombies literally phase through walls, or through the roof to get into your base. It’s not a pretty experience. Bows and other other ranged weapons won’t register hits even though you’re aiming at point blank range. As time went on it’s almost like MORE problems became apparent. It really sucks because the core experience is REALLY good, it’s just with lack of support there’s not much that can be done.

7 Days To Die On PC

Now, I can get over some of the bugs, but the game looks like it was taken from a PlayStation 2 and had a PS4 logo slapped on it. The game is horrendous to look at. Now, I’m a big believer in graphics don’t make a game, but Jesus this game is ugly. Like, noticeably ugly. Open world survival games aren’t supposed to look the best, I mean take Ark for example. It’s ugly as hell too, but with proper developer support the game is now a legend.

What is really upsetting is the game is still supported on the PC. The game looks so amazing compared to what ever it is we have on console. However, there’s some good news for console players. Apparently, Fun Pimps have aquired the console rights to 7 Days To Die again, and although they have been quiet since getting it, rumors have been floating around about a massive re-release of the game in 2022. This supposedly is going to catch the game up to the PC version. Only time will tell though.

As it stands right now, 7 Days To Die is pretty much unplayable. However, if these rumors turn out to be true, then the future is look quite bright for this forgotten game.

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