New Animated Obsession: Steven Universe

Today we are going to take some time to discuss a cartoon that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with. Originally, the plan was to watch the first season of this series to see what the hype was about and write an article about my take away. Instead, I watched until Hulu ran out of episodes and I became so desperate for the ending that I actually bought the exclusive $60 complete collection box set. And I don’t regret a single thing because it is just that good.

The box is even holographic! So of course that completely justified the purchase even more!

So, let’s start off with some basics. Steven Universe dropped in 2013, created by the ground-breaking Rebecca Sugar. It follows a young boy as he balances life as half-human and half-alien “gem”. Each episode he encounters dangers, discoveries of his own unlocking powers, and just the childish comedy that comes from a show geared toward children. At first I found this to be a cute ride. I enjoyed Steven’s wit, I loved each of the gems’ clashing personalities, I liked that Steven’s dad was a middle-aged musician, and it quickly just became a mindless show to watch after a long day when I needed a fun distraction.

And then I began to notice things escalating in Steven’s world. And I became invested.

Behind the childish sense of humor and art style that finally grew on me, this show artfully tackled some very important topics. The fluidity of the lgbtq+ themes throughout was so nicely done and normalized. The rocky road of trying to figure yourself out when you are being compared to a parent or someone else is also very well done. Plus the non-traditional family dynamics are great. Something about Greg (Steven’s dad) living in his van with a permanent sun burn is just a detail that I love. And there are many small details about this show that I love and admire. Honestly, I wish this show was around when I was a kid. I just might have had a better grasp at not being so terribly hard on myself when trying to figure out how I fit in the world, which was an ongoing theme for Steven Universe.

Anyway, if there is anything I can say to anyone that might be an older watcher like me who might want to give this show a shot, I’d say don’t let the art style sway you away. Honestly, it grew on me and now I really can’t imagine watching it any other way. The values and the continuous storyline get deeper and more distressing with each episode. I bawled like a idiot on the final episode… it was that intense. However, keep in mind that it is a beautifully done show that was written for kids. It does have some stupid humor here and there (we ain’t even going to discuss that weird ass Uncle Grandpa episode… even if I did appreciate the constant fourth wall breaking) but again, just give it a shot! Who knows, this just might become a new animated obsession for you, too!

So, come on, tell us what you think! What are your thoughts on this series? We would love to heard your opinions in the comments below! ✨🌟✨

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