Tips And Tricks To Improve Your PUBG Game! (Console)

PUBG can be pretty intimidating at first, but that’s because the game literally doesn’t tell you how to play. I remember running around with a shotgun at first thinking I was hot stuff, boy was I in for it. The game doesn’t tell you what you need to do to survive, or even how to handle a gun fight. Well fear not new Pubs! Or…new G’s? I don’t know, but let’s dive into some sweet strategies to help you get that chicken dinner!

Camping Is A Loser’s Term

Look, nobody goes into PUBG and sets up a tent. No marshmallows or being roasted, and no relaxing evenings under the stars. Camping is just a silly term someone made up for keeps dying for making the same stupid mistakes. It’s setting up an ambush! If there was ever a game that dominated guerilla warfare, it’s this one. There is no shame in digging into a solid position and wait for some to expose themselves because they waited too long to move. They should’ve had better time management, and you’re going to exploit that mistake.

The game even gives you ghillie suits to camouflage yourself in the foliage. Put on some neutral colors (more on that later, blend into your environment, and skull cap a poor fool who thought it was a smart idea to run across open area. There’s no shame in it. Only the unfortunate Call Of Duty players who thought they would dominate this game cause they have a positive KDR are going to complain. This isn’t Call Of Duty. Camo up, dig in, and set the most epic ambush you can think of.

Keep Your Head On A 360

One of the loosest feature of PUBG on the console is the ability to free look. When running, hold R1 (RB) and move your right stick to move your camera without moving your character. This is also very useful when hiding in a bush, or something similar. Using the free camera only moves your character’s head instead of their whole body like in similar games. If you’re hidden well, someone would have to be looking pretty darn hard to spot to small movements of your character.

This technique works especially well when out on the run. You can be running in a straight line while keeping an eye on your three, six, and nine o’clock. If you see a problem brewing from behind you, you can quickly adjust your character’s movements to minimize the threat. Always keep your head on a swivel, your character will thank you.

Dress For The Occasion

So, have you ever see those players who are wearing the stupid dinosaur suit? Yeah, they’re usually within the first 30 to die. I mean this one is just common sense. It you have someone wearing tan in the desert, and a guy in a t-rex suit in the desert, who are you going to spot first? I think PUBG releases costumes like that to troll people, because I’ve never seen someone in the top 10 have on a stupid suit.

So, how can you use this to your advantage? You can’t predict what map you’ll be put on, but you can still give yourself a better chance by wearing neutral colors. I would say brown is your best friend in this game. Brown is a dominate color in every map except the snow one. That’s four out of five chances to get a map where you’ll be able to have some sort of concealment. In this game, every little bit of help will take you higher and higher on that survival list.

Don’t Turtle In Buildings


It’s a natural Instinct. If you’re in danger, your first reaction will be to seek shelter. This is a horrible thing to do in this game. Not only does hunkering in a building limit your line of sight, it’s the perfect way to have a happy little grenade pop through the window to say hi. Trust me, I’ve been on the bad side of many grenades. The kill zone in structures is much deadlier than out in the open.

Try your best to keep cover between you and your opponent without block your sight or movement capabilities. You could use a tree, car, building exterior, or whatever else you can use as cover. The only time you should be turtling in a building is to gather supplies, check your map, or you’re 100% sure you can successfully pull off an ambush.

So there you have it! These tips have been developed over countless hours of intense gameplay. We as a team struggled to make top 20, now we are always in the top three and eating chicken dinners like it’s Sunday with the family. I hope this helps you out, and I look forward to seeing you all at the top! Good luck!

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