What Even Is Rainbow Six Now?

We all remember some of the greats in the franchise like Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield and Rainbow Six Vegas, but how much do those games differ from what we have today?

A lot…that’s how much.

Rainbow six Vegas 2

The franchise started out as this revolutionary simulation of counter terrorist operations. You could have up to three teams, all working together to complete the objective at hand. This led to some of the coolest co-op experiences growing up. Raven Shield really sold me on the tactical experience that Rainbow Six has to offer. However, as time went on, the franchise decided to take a step away from the big team engagements that the series was built on. So gave rise to the absolute LEGEND that is Rainbow Six Vegas.

When I first played Vegas, I was absolutely blown away. Using every ounce of juice the PS3 and Xbox 360 had to offer showed in this epic entry in the franchise. It scaled down the operations, and gave players a meaningful story for the first time in the series. Players still led a team of Rainbow Six operators, but only a single team. This didn’t take away from the game at all, but made each engagement more meaningful and tense.

Not only did it deliver on great tactical combat, it had one of the best cover systems seen to date. Just by holding L2 (or LT) you could plant yourself against a wall, or duck behind a low surface to shield yourself from incoming fire. It was awesome, and tilted your camera up so you could still observe and plan your next move. It’s a game mechanic that is much needed in modern gaming that just faded away for some reason. It’s a shame.

Rainbow Six Siege Operators

So, what has Rainbow Six become? One of the biggest Esports games in history, and that’s a good thing! However, in an attempt to dominate to Esports stage, they have COMPLETELY forgotten what the franchise was. When the everyone actually communicates, it can be one of the best tactical shooters of the modern era. That only consists of 5% of your matches. More times than none, if you put up a reinforced wall somewhere somebody doesn’t like they’ll just team kill you. It ruins the immersion that the franchise has been known for. Honestly, why is there even team damage? Such a simple fix to a widespread problem.

Has Rainbow Six improved over the years as a franchise? Yes and no. The series is more popular now than it ever has been. It’s not the same as it used to be, and it probably never will be. I truly believe the franchise as we knew it died with the cancelation of the fabled Rainbow Six Patriot. A game that was going to bring one of the most epic stories told in a story. It was going to be the tactical shooter that was going to reign over them all, and what did we get? A game where you kill your teammates for giggles. It’s a shame Ubisoft decided to take that route.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel though. With the development of Rainbow Six Extraction (a cooperative shooter) maybe we’ll see a slow return to what the franchise used to be. It’s something me, and a lot of other original Rainbow fans would enjoy. Until then, you better believe I’m going to be playing the mess out of Extraction!

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  1. remember playing the first back on the ol’ nintendo 64 before picking up the first three games for the PC. Such a great series of games a world away from what exists today. even ghost recon which always felt like the external ‘counterpart’ to rainbows interior simulator has evolved before recognition.

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