E3 2021

Another year has come and another E3 has gone, but what have we learned from this year’s conferences? Well, not much really. It was actually quite boring. However, Xbox and Bethesda absolutely blew it out of the park. Xbox went out there and flexed its muscles with all the major studios they’ve acquired over the past few years, and boy did those muscles look JACKED.

Now, I’m mainly a PlayStation gamer, only using my Xbox One for Retro gaming. However, from what I saw at E3, I’m torn. PlayStation has to greatly step up and showcase something out of this world or risk losing so many loyal fans. It’s going to be tough to stand up to what Microsoft has become, but it’s not impossible.


The one thing I knew would take the show is Bethesda. They came right out at the beginning of the conference and announced their much anticipated new IP, Starfield, as an Xbox exclusive. This was the one thing that worried me most when Microsoft aquired then. Now they are alienating a large part of their fan base. A dedicated group that are now forced to purchase a new console in order to experience this new science fiction world, and that truly sucks. However, the gaming industry is still a business, and if they feel like the money is where Xbox is then you really can’t blame them. As long as they stay true and keep Elder Scrolls and Fallout on other platforms it’s cool with me.

There was so much more at E3 this year besides that. Rainbow Six Extraction was FINALLY revealed. We here at 101 Militia Gaming are HUGE Rainbow Six fans, so any new addition into the franchise is most welcomed. Not only does this expand the beloved franchise, it’s giving us a cooperative experience which made Rainbow Six so legendary to begin with. Hopefully this is a taste of the future from developer Ubisoft. If we can get more co-op Rainbow Six things, that’ll be great.

Rainbow Six Extraction

What wasn’t announced by Ubisoft? Any mention of a new Splinter Cell game. Why are they just sitting on this franchise? Sam is getting old waiting for them to give him a bit of light these days. One can argue they are rebooting the series, but that wouldn’t make sense, because of his many cross overs with Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. I hope they can give us something besides the little Netflix thing their doing, because Sam ain’t getting any younger.

So many things were missing at this year’s E3. So many that most of them would require their own articles. Over the next few weeks I’ll be discussing them in more detail. It was a disappointing year for game announcements, however, Xbox stole the show like we all expected them too since Sony pulled out of E3. I reckon they’re doing their own thing, but the better bring the heat or the next year is going to be a rough one for PlayStation gamers.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction below!

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