Board Game Highlight: Donner Dinner Party

Welcome back, Militia! Today we are going to talk board games. You know, those timeless adventures stored neatly (or not) inside of cardboard boxes? Well, today we are going to bring to light one of my personal favorites and the highlight of Christmas 2020 at the McCool house – Donner Dinner Party!

Donner Dinner Party takes the group of 4-10 players waaaaay back to the year 1846, where winter has enveloped the mountain pass. The group is made up of two types of survivors: pioneers and cannibals. The ol’ rulebook states the object of the game as this: If you’re a Pioneer, hunt for food to survive and eliminate the Cannibals from the party. If you’re a Cannibal, eat the Pioneers one by one until they no longer outnumber you. Then rise up and eat the rest.

The game comes with 10 Role Cards, 40 Hunting Cards, 10 Character Tokens, 12 Supply Cards, 1 Camp Leader Chip, the nifty Campfire Board, and a cute little Frying Pan that marks the current round in the game. And that part really does come in handy, because this truly is a fast-paced game! During our family Christmas party we must have played at least a dozen times, most games lasted less than ten minutes.

Included is everything your party will need to fare the horrid winter… well, as much as one can with extremely limited food!

It takes a couple of rounds to really get into the swing of things to feel out how this game works. Once the players get the hang of it, the rounds go quickly and the macabre hilarity ensues! The group vote was my favorite part of each round because this is where accusations fly and decisions are made on who will become dinner. It is a great time!

Just a few of the Hunter cards. *Spoiler* the Empty Hands cards were not good… at all

Have you played Donner Dinner Party? Did it cause chaos within your little party of survivors? Tell us all about it in the comments! ✌👾

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