Cult Classic Throwback: Quake

Welcome to a riveting episode of Cult Classic Throwback! This is a series dedicated to placing a spotlight on classic games that have stood the test of time and become pillars in the gaming world. I decided to cover a very special game today, given that this June marks its 25th anniversary! That’s right, today’s Cult Classic Throwback is Quake!

The classic emblem!

The year was 1996 when this bad boy was first dropped by id Software. Even at the beginning it was obvious this would become a gritty, dark classic. Single player boasted 26 maps with 4 secret ones. You also had a choice between Easy, Medium, Hard, and Nightmare difficulties. This was a game that you truly could get lost in… and also become very frustrated with if you chose a difficulty too intense. But that was all part of the fun!

I’m really not going to delve too deeply into the mechanics or background of what made this a game quite deserving of praise even after 25 years. Our own John McCool wrote a great article titled “Quake Is A Retro Remake Needing To Happen” that will give you more clarity into that side. I’m mainly here for the nostalgia factor, and being a gamer from the 90s from a family of gamers, I can tell you the nostalgia is extremely strong with this one.

Imagine it: Friday night in the McCool household. We made a snack run and pizza is in the oven. Dad has all of the computers up and running. That’s right, we are gearing up for an all-out war. And by war, I of course mean that we are in for an all-nighter of multitudes of rounds playing Capture the Flag. We have mods for our interesting personas (for example, we even had Mr. Cow… don’t ask) and for just a while the only focus any of us had was Blue Team against Red Team.

Capture the Flag was one of my favorite co-op experiences as a kid, and though I’m really not a shoot-em-up sort of player in my old age now, those were some fond memories. Quake has seen a lot of transformation over the years and it will continue to stand tall as a classic.

Well, what do you think? Do you have any fine memories of killing family and friends in cold blood for the sake of a red or blue flag? Let us know in the comments below and keep the discussion going! Until next time, Militia. ✌

My favorite was the Red Flag!

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