What Madden 22 Needs To Change

One thing I don’t talk about much on here? I am a HUGE football fan. I’ve been a Minnesota Vikings fans for as long as I can remember. That being said, I’m also a huge fan of the Madden franchise. As all Madden fans can agree on though is that there hasn’t been a decent game in the long running series for at least a decade. No exaggeration. Every single game is EXACTLY the same, and it’s been a bitter struggle between developers and fans for quite some time.

So, what can change in order to get the franchise back on track? Well, being someone who took a break from the series for the exact reason above, I have an extensive list of what I’d like to see. Some are minor, some are pretty big. EA Sports has to remember that they have exclusive rights with the NFL for simulation football video games. That’s what the fans wants and expect from the Madden franchise. Let’s get back to that.

Make Franchise Mode The Flagship Game Mode

Franchise Mode Madden 17

Look, we play Madden to immerse ourselves in our football fantasies. The best way to do that? Franchise Mode! It allows us to follow out favorite team, sign free agents, scout college players, negotiate contracts with current players, and best of all, play games. It’s what Madden is legendary for. Yet they chose to work away from it in favor of some experimental features that no one wanted or asked for. Like, I understand they want to incorporate a broader audience, but when your core gameplay isn’t touched in 10 years there’s a problems.

Franchise needs to be the hub of Madden. We need a deeper scouting system, an expanded coaching staff, a way to make our own plays from scratch, and a way to truly build a relationship with players on your team. The whole text message system was actually a really cool system and with a little improving it could be something that can truly bring a meaningful relationship between you and your players. On top of that, it would just add more immersion to the game. Something that’s been very lacking.

Bring Back Super Star Mode

Madden Super Star Mode

This is honestly one mode I truly missed. It put you in the shoes of a custom created character just beginning their career in the NFL. You could do some much with your character that it truly sold the immersion. You could have press conferences, go to training camp, and even work out at the combine. They replaced superstar with the little story mode thing they had, then with the face of the franchise mode, but turned out to just be like an intro to connected careers mode. I felt like it was really cheap and lazy for EA to take the easy way out. They had good potential with face of the franchise, but half-assed it like always.

We need to go back to what Super Star Mode used to be. My biggest thing for video games is that immersion is key. If you can’t make players feel like they’re apart of the game’s world then there’s just no point. We want to live the life of an NFL player, a life only a handful would ever get to live. Give us that satisfaction at least. Let me have an interview with a reporter, say something stupid then lose like 15,000 fans. Kinda like the real NFL.

Give Us A True Co-Op Mode

One of the best memories I have growing up is me and my dad making superbowl runs in the old Maddens. He would usually run QB, and I would usually run an all star HB, racking up 300 rushing yards a game. It was so much fun. We need a game mode that just allows a group of four friends to join any team and run a season. Like, no competition at all. Just friends working together to take a team as far as they can against the A.I. That would honestly be the best feature I would want in the next Madden game.

Too much emphasis is placed on competition in Madden. On a video game based on a team sport, there really isn’t any emphasis placed on being a team. I would love to see a new mode that allowed players to be rewarded for working together. Perhaps they can make a custom character for their chosen position, and level them up at the end of every completed season. Maybe even throw some RPG elements to it to feel like we’re having real progression.

Get Rid Of Ultimate Team

It’s a loot box scam from EA. Get rid of it. Nuff said.

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