Warparty Review: Warcraft For PlayStation

Many of you readers already know that I’m a huge fan of the strategy genre. However, most of you fine readers also know that decent strategy games on consoles are a rare sight. That was the case, until I stumbled upon a little gem while searching the deep dark depths of the PlayStation store. And what a search it was. What I found was an RTS set in the prehistoric stone age of mankind. I found Warparty.

Warparty is a real time strategy game inspired HEAVILY on Warcraft and other legendary RTS franchises of the late 1990s. You start with a hero and a handful of villagers where your main goal of the early game is to build a thriving village. The game’s economy focuses on food and stone that’s used to build structures and train units. Building your village’s economy early is absolutely essential. Like, my first 10 minutes are usually always spam training villagers three at a time so I can max out production on a farm. Try it, it works.

A Skirmish In Warparty

After you’ve established you’re economy’s foundation it’s all about raising an army and territory control. Go out and capture what are called “shrines” which give you passive income on power. Power is the last game currency used to cast your hero’s spells. After you’ve established control of the shrines, here’s the fun part. Scout the enemy village if you already don’t know where it is, and send every single available unit you have to it killing everything in sight. Domination at its finest.

So where does Warparty lack? Well, gameplay wise it’s pretty damn perfect. The A.I. is challenging, it has excellent replayability, and the units are so unique. The only thing lacking is there are only three factions. Each are both super unique with their own play styles, but still. Only three. I even would’ve liked to see some DLC factions, but the game has been out quite a bit with no mention of new content coming. It doesn’t take away from the game or anything, but I would’ve liked to see more variety.

A Settlement In Warparty

Overall, Warparty is an amazing RTS. With the genre noticeable absent from consoles, it’s a breath of fresh air to see strategy gamers being catered to by indie developers. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Big AAA companies are too scared to attempt an RTS, so it’s up to the dedicated small teams to bring us the genre we love. Thank you Crazy Monkey Studios and Warcave. You scores major on this one!

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