Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance (2001) Remastered

Like being plucked right from the halls of your childhood memories, Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance (2001) makes its triumphant return. Obviously to hype up the soon to be released Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance which follows R.A Salvator’s famous dark elf Dritzz, this is the perfect way for the younger generation to experience one of the best action RPGs of that console era.

With updated graphics, couch co-op, and a return to dungeon diving at its finest, it’s a great time to hop in this legendary title. I personally have wanted this for so long, and now that it’s here I’m going to spend my Saturday night slashing through the denizens of Baldur’s Gate’s underworld just like when I was a kid.

Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $29.99.

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