Cult Classic Throwback: The Sims 2

I refuse to believe that I live in a world where The Sims 2 is considered retro computer gaming, but alas, I’m getting old and so are my childhood favorites. As you probably guessed by my little tantrum, today we will be discussing the one and only The Sims 2!

So waaaaay back in 2004, The Sims 2 dropped and changed the way we played our sims forever. We were introduced true sim aging, where a player could play a sim from birth to natural (or oftentimes unnatural and/or premature) death. A typical lifetime went through age stages, which were Infant, Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult (after University, if I remember correctly), Adult, and finally Elder. We could also play with genetics and create generations of a family. It was pretty mind-blowing what we could finally do to take our simmy gameplay to the next level.

I had every single expansion and Stuff Pack for TS2. Well… until my dad let his ex girlfriend borrow my collection and she never gave it back after they broke up. Thanks Dad. 😭

We were introduced to expansion packs in the original Sims franchise, but TS2 took it a step further by also introducing Stuff Packs. Stuff Packs were neat because each one would add additional outfits and furniture to make the gaming experience a little more customizable.

The Sims 2 will be approaching its 20th anniversary in 2024. This is a classic that brought me many years of enjoyment, escape from reality, and sick building/decorating skills. What are some of your favorite memories of The Sims 2? Comment below and let us know about this Cult Classic Throwback! ✌

Oh Strangeville… by the way, did anyone ever actually find Bella Goth?

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