How the PS5 Can Win This Generation

The PlayStation 5 has become the fastest selling console in the United States, and rightfully so. It’s seriously one of the best consoles ever released to the market. However, there is still some ways it can improve. With Xbox still offering a huge catalog of backwards compatible game, the PS5 is considered neck and neck with Microsoft’s newest power house.

So how can Sony take the throne like they did last generation? Well, the truth is the already have the winning formula, they just didn’t execute it quite right. I’m referring to Sony’s remote play. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a feature that allows PS4 users to stream their console to their PSVita or the remote play app on their phone! It’s an impressive piece of technology, but one that needs more love than it got. So what am I proposing? Now, hear me out first…

I think Sony should develop a companion handheld device specifically for use with the PS5.

PS4 Remote Play On PSVita

There, I said it. The remote play feature could act just like a Nintendo Switch allowing PS5 users to play their console anywhere in their house! The tech is there, it just needs to be refined. Some possible downsides? If you don’t have quality internet, then streaming might be a wee bit difficult. That’s what I’m guessing is holding back Sony from doing something like this. With the failure of the Google Stadia, I would assume any major gaming company would be nervous about game streaming technology.

What I would expect is players would have to have a solid internet in order to use this technology to the best of its ability. However, that alienates a large majority of gamers who don’t have super premiere internet. I really don’t see another option. I definitely wouldn’t recommend playing any super competitive games, because just with the Stadia there’s a bit of a lag between commands.

As of now you can only remote play your PS5 to a PS4 console which is still pretty cool. This allows you to play your console somewhere else in the house away from your designated gaming space. It’s a super cool feature, and one that can send the PS5 above and beyond this generation. With Nintendo having a full monopoly on handheld consoles, Sony won’t have much competition. As long as it can stream the PS5, or have some companion feature to the PS5, a PlayStation handheld this generation could be worth investing in.

However, with Sony almost shutting down the PSVita early last month, it’s pretty unlikely we’ll get to see another PlayStation handheld. They just don’t think it’s worth developing a next generation handheld console, and that’s really disappointing. Hopefully this won’t be the case, and in a few years at E3 we’ll all be surprised. Until then, use that PS5 remote play on your PS4! Show Sony it’s a great feature!

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