Movie Pitch: Godzilla BC

I’m a huge Godzilla fan. I know, big shock. Legendary’s Monsterverse is by far one of the BEST interpretations of the kaiju, along with his band of allies and enemies. However, Godzilla vs Kong would mark the fourth film in the franchise, and with no end credits scene pointing to the next chapter, the future of the Monsterverse is up in the air. So, like I always do, I do deep research into the lore of these great worlds and try to piece together plausible sequels to current events, and I belive I have the perfect idea for the next Monsterverse film.

With the recent release of the prequel graphic novel of Godzilla vs Kong, we are given a glimpse into the past. You wanna know what we got to see? GODZILLA’S BROTHER THAT’S WHAT. Dagon, the name given to this amazing entity, is similar to our boy Godzilla, only with a slimmer build. We don’t get to see too much of him, but what we get to see is that his personality matches his kin. He is tolerant towards humanity, as in the graphic novel he let a group of locals get near him with a acknowledgement. When the MUTO Prime challenges Dagon, he is quick to engage her. After a short fight, Dagon is wounded, and she plants two eggs in his stomach to feed off his nuclear rich insides. Dagon escapes to a cave where he ultimately dies, leaving the giant skeleton we see in the beginning of Godzilla (2014).

Godzilla BC

Ancient Cave Painting Of Godzilla Vs Ghidorah

So here we go. The film takes place just before those events, with Godzilla and Dagon struggling to accept which one is the alpha. Being the last of their kind, they know they can’t kill each other, so the split the earth in half. Dagon in the Pacific, and Godzilla in the Atlantic. This would support the plot point made in King Of The Monsters showing Godzilla’s lair being in Atlantis where he was worshipped as a God. The film will follow three major points:

1) Godzilla’s love/hate relationship with his brother.

2) Dagon asserting his dominance in the Pacific where he ultimately goes down in his fight with MUTO Prime.

3) Godzilla responding to Ghidorah’s invasion from the stars. Godzilla gets whooped so bad taking down his nemesis he is forced into hibernation.

The film would need to focus almost solely on the titans, with little to no human interference at all. The director would need to use visual storytelling instead of relying on dialogue as a crutch like the rest of the films in the Monsterverse. The titans are hyper intelligent animals, they have emotion, goals, and are capable of complex relationships. I mean, just look at Godzilla and Mothra. He has seen her die and be reborn probably dozens of times over the millenniums, and STILL got upset when she died in King Of The Monsters.

This would be an awesome chance to introduce some of the other titans from Godzilla’s history. We all know of Anguirus’s skeleton in Godzilla’s lair in Atlantis shown in King Of The Monsters, but how did it get there? Maybe the film could open with Godzilla and Dagon both needing to team up to take down this deadly foe before going their separate ways. The door is open for so many great moments. Legendary just needs to reach out and grab it.

The Monsterverse is serious one of the best shared universes in film. With the amount of profit they’ve made of Godzilla vs Kong, it would be just stupid to not continue. People love this version of Godzilla, mainly because he isn’t portrayed as a mindless monster running around and killing people. He’s become more of a symbol than a monster. A symbol that earth will always fight back when endangered.

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