The Bad Rap: Sniper Mask from High-Rise Invasion

Welcome back for today’s installment of The Bad Rap! As you know by now, we at 101 Militia Gaming like to periodically put a particular anime baddie (or just misunderstood character that folks just seem to hate on without rhyme or reason!) into the hot seat to pinpoint the characteristics that give them their bad rap. Today’s episode is covering the cool cucumber with a sniper rifle – High-Rise Invasion’s Sniper Mask!

Now, keep in mind that we are ONLY talking about the anime adaptation and not the manga today. I realize the manga has more information and we even know Sniper’s true identity. However, the anime is not yet that far as it has just finished the first season. As far as the anime goes, we meet Sniper Mask within the first ten minutes or so as he murders just about anything moving. He seems to have some form of consciousness and as we continue to watch how he interacts with this world we discover that though he is being controlled by his Mask, he does have some free thinking and even a grasp of some foggy memories.

The art style in High-Rise Invasion is so smooth and gorgeously done!

Soon enough Sniper meets a young lady named Kuon Shinzaki, and it is this meeting that turns his entire motivation around. Before he was content only killing and following the Mask’s orders, after receiving the message that killing Kuon was unnecessary he eventually found himself caring for her safety. This of course started a ripple effect and where he was once a top killer in the Angel Program, he found himself working against the system.

So, I won’t spoil any more of this show since it is still rather new. Does Sniper Mask deserve his bad rap? Yes. He definitely does. But he has a nice redemption moment and he does turn his motivations around for the greater good, and I can definitely see him becoming better as the series progresses.

What do you think, did Sniper Mask deserve the bad rap? Let us know exactly what you think in the comments below! We love hearing from you! ✌

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