Why I Bought A $275 Video Game

The short answer? Cause it’s my money so screw you. Nahh, I’m just kidding.

Being a gamer is such an umbrella hobby as I like to call it. The games, systems, and other gaming gear brings so much more to the table than just simple entertainment value. Games bring joy, cases be used as decoration, can be used as trade currency, and in my case, some games are so rare they hold a certain hefty monetary value. So, I’m sure you’re wondering what game I’m talking about. It’s no other than Godzilla for the PlayStation 4.

This game has a turbulent past, where companies duked it out for the rights of characters much like the Kaijus themselves fight. The game came out in 2015, and was later completely shut down in 2017 following some internal disputes with the shared custody of some of the biggest movies monster names in Hollywood. You know how it goes, suits at corporate get pissy so the consumer pays the price. But eh, so it life I reckon.

Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah

So, how is the gameplay? Phenomenal. The level of destruction you can dish out as the one large roster of monsters is pure epicness. When a rival kaiju comes into your territory to challenge you, give them your best alpha roar with L1 + R1, and duke it out! It’s so satisfying to take a kaiju down, especially when the one you’re using has real beef from their respective films. Has my 2014 Godzilla smacked King Ghidorah around more than a few times? You’re damn skippy he has.

The potential for this game was through the roof. It’s a shame how easy it is for things to fall apart beyond a development level. Foundationally, the game is simply one of the best Godzilla games out there. It’s just, most people will never get to experience it because it’s completely pulled from digital stores and retailers. The only way for someone to get their hands of this piece of gold is to do what I did. Find a good copy on Ebay, make a high bid, and cross your fingers because you’re gonna have a lot of competition to get one.

Big Daddy Godzilla 2014

What the world needs is more Godzilla games. Hopefully with the success of Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse, they’ll open to door for us to have more in the future. For now though, we have a backlog of some solid ones to hold us over.

For all things geek culture keep it right here with 101 Militia Gaming!

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