Right in the Nostalgia: 6 Classic Gaming Soundtracks Sure to Send You Back

Welcome back, Militia! Today we’re going to do something just a little different… we are about to take a trip back in time! Back to where chilling after school meant firing up the PC or the Game Cube, grabbing a plate of Pizza Rolls, and turning the speaker up as you are greeted by the sweet sound of the great intro music. While everyone has their own collection of classic soundtracks, here is a short list of six of my childhood favorites!

  1. Phantasmagoria
Phantasmagoria will always and forever be one of the defining games of my childhood. The intro theme, Consumite Furore, was actually sung by a 135 member Gregorian choir. The rest of the electronic music was defining, as well. And as much as folks seem to hate on it, I personally love the ending theme, Take a Stand.

2. Super Mario Sunshine

This soundtrack was simply fun and carefree. To this day whenever I get a chance to listen it just makes me happy.

3. Civilization IV

There are some fine themes throughout gameplay. But my favorite will always be Baba Yetu! It is another one of those happy songs.

4. Kingdom Hearts

Everyone knows that this game is just a punch to the feels. And you can never go wrong with Simple and Clean.

5. The Sims

Every single song in this game is a masterpiece. Every. Single. One.

6. Baldur’s Gate

The soundtrack to this game was intensely powerful and moving! I mean, just check out that intro!

There you have it! What are some of your favorite gaming soundtracks from the past? Let us know in the comments! ✌

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