How Medal Of Honor Can Make A Come Back

Who didn’t play a Medal Of Honor game growing up? The action packed military thriller series has given us some of the best World War II stories in all of gaming. So, what happened? Let’s take a looksie.

The biggest problem that Medal Of Honor had was competing with the now power house Call of Duty. The thing is, they never needed too. They tried to follow in the footsteps of their competitor in developing a shooter set in modern times. Not only that, they tried to add a top notch multiplayer worthy of dethroning Call of Duty, only to have a basic multiplayer experience lacking any real depth. Choosing to focus on multiplayer in the end hurt what Medal Of Honor had done well for nearly a decade. Deliver a good story. That’s what sealed the deal for this legendary franchise.

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault

So, how can it make a come back? The next chapter for the franchise isn’t going to be looking towards the future, but looking towards the past. Medal Of Honor should focus on remaking their classics. There I said it. We need Rising Sun and Allied Assault completely remade with modern technology. If they made their target audience the older generation who played these growing up, they will no doubt turn a profit. However, in order to sell the idea to corporate big heads there would need to be an allure for younger gamers, and here’s what I propose. You don’t.

Remaking a game isn’t for the next generation, it’s a tip of the hat from developers to fans that’s been with a franchise for years. Just look at the Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes. Those weren’t made for kids, those were for us. Seeing Leon, Claire, and Jill in 4k was no doubt a wink from Capcom for us that played these titles originally so many years ago. They could’ve easily released the original RE2&3 as an “HD Remaster”, but no. They put in the time and resources to give us a full remake. I will always appreciate Capcom for doing that, and that’s exactly what needs to happen with Medal Of Honor.

Medal Of Honor Airborne

When the kids see how amazing it is, they’ll come. We need to remind this generation of gamers that there’s gaming beyond competing and Esports. Stories were what shaped gaming to what it is today, and it’s something that needs to come back. So, I’m asking you, give us the Medal Of Honor remakes we deserve. We need amazing war stories brought back to gaming, and there is no better franchise to do it

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