First Impressions: High-Rise Invasion

Ah, Spring. There are a multitude of things that I adore when it comes to this season: the better weather, the lovely flowers, and the dropping of brand new anime! One of Netflix’s new titles grabbed my interest pretty quickly for its unique storyline. That’s right, today we are going to chat about High-Rise Invasion.

Yuri having a really bad time on a bridge many, many feet above ground.

High-Rise Invasion dropped on Netflix on February 25, 2021 by Zero-G. The story follows a high school student Yuri Honjo as she awakens in a strange alternate world, where one has no access to the ground and is trapped to the tops of skyscrapers connected by suspension bridges. Yeah, intense. As if that wasn’t enough to freak a kid out, she quickly learns that she and other humans are being attacked by Masks, or people who are actively brainwashed and given superhuman powers in order to push people to the edge of despair. The reason? Well, that is for you to find out!

The fan-service is strong with this one…

High-Rise Invasion is one of those anime that focuses heavily on fan-service. You know what I mean: panty shots, risque situations, characters becoming really close, and just your typical tropes that you would see in an anime that centers on a group of teens trapped in a strange, horrific world. Aside from that? I actually enjoyed it. I found the idea behind the masks a pretty interesting storyline and the thought of what I would do if I was trapped in this nightmare made me want to continue watching to see how our young protagonist manages. And when you have a gutsy, spirited young protagonist, you know you just have to have the sexy, brooding anti-hero. Let’s just say that you may be rooting for Sniper Mask because… well…

In conclusion: this is a solid anime and I enjoyed it. Yes, it has ridiculous tropes. Yes, there is some… edgy and weird fan-service. But I thought the action and story was on point and it was a fun ride for what it is.

Have you watched High Rise Invasion yet on Netflix? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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