Godzilla Vs Kong: Final Predictions

I love kaijus, man. Godzilla obviously being the baddest one of all. However, my introduction to kaijus didn’t come from the great movies that spawned the genre, it was a video game. My first taste of Godzilla came from a masterpiece fighter from the Gamecube era. That game would be Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.

It wasn’t until after this when I really started to look into the deep lore of Godzilla, and understand he represented more than just a big lizard blowing things up. He represents nature’s balance. A true equalizer when one force on earth gets too powerful. He quickly became one of my favorite kaijus for the simple fact he chose to cooperate with humanity to stop foes. Now, I know he has a lot of collateral damage, but he’s a giant lizard monster. It happens.

Thick Boi Working

With the new movie in the monster verse upon us, rumors have been flying left and right about what this epic showdown is going to bring us. With the premier just 4 days away, I thought I would share some of my predictions that could transpire in this battle of the ages.

First off, Godzilla and Kong are going to royally beat the hell out of each other. That’s a given. The powers at play behind the scenes are orchestrating this to possibly weaken the two titans. The organization causing trouble knows that Godzilla protects the balance, and Kong projects humanity. So what’s the best way to get rid of them? Pull Kong from Skull Island upsetting the balance to make the king hunt him down. When they do come to blows, the organization is then free from Godzilla’s wrath who knows something is up. That’s why in the trailers he is going to different parts of the world attacking certain locations.

So, why would pitting Godzilla against Kong help this mysterious set of characters? Well, from past movies in the monsterverse, we see that they seek to control these creatures. That’s why Ghidorah was awoken. They lost control of the Titan before fully understanding him. So what’s the best way to beat a Kaiju? Have your own. Godzilla and Kong have been thrown into battle to kill each other, then when the smoke clears, the real threat emerges. Mecha Godzilla.

It’s no surprise that Mecha Godzilla is making his debut in the mosterverse thanks to the little leak from Funk Pop. This will obviously be what brings the two titans together. However, what happens after? There can’t be two alpha monsters, can there? Yes. Yes there can. I’m predicting Godzilla will remain king of the top world, while Kong becomes the new king of Hallow Earth, the place where most of the titans dwell. It’s the only way Kong and Godzilla can coexist with out killing each other.

What about the Ghidorah head? Now stick with me on this one. After credits role, we will be met with a research lab where they are discussing the things they learned from the then destroyed Mecha Godzilla. Then, the camera will pan to a gigantic warehouse where Mecha Ghidorah will be under construction with the last organic head they rescued from his fight with Godzilla sitting between two robotic heads. Boom. Set the plot for the next movie. The resurrected Ghidorah will be hungry to reclaim his crown, spawning a civil war between the titans which will add humanity to the endangered list. Godzilla’s army vs Ghidorah’s loyal followers. Looking at you Rodan….you traitor. This will be a perfect way to introduce some titans from Godzilla’s lore into the monsterverse.

All this is of course speculation. All we can do is enjoy this amazing universe that has been unfolding before us. If you’re like me, you’ll be glued to that TV on March 31st. Enjoy the movie guys. It’s going to be a hell of a fight.


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