Death Note… The Musical?!

Okay y’all. Most of you are well aware by this point that two of my greatest loves are musical theatre and anime. That is why I was absolutely shocked when earlier this week, one of my theatre pals DM’d me a link to a concept album for what was called Death Note: The Musical. I thought it was a joke at first, or a clever parody. Until I started listening to the album and I quickly realized that not only was this legitimate, it was outstanding.

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. How could I have never heard of this musical?! Well, if you are anything like me and your feelings are hurt, don’t feel too badly. From what I could gather from my research, there isn’t a whole lot of info out there about it besides some basics. Production of it was announced in 2014 with Ivan Menchell as playwright and the composer was none other than Frank Wildhorn. That’s right – the composer of Jekyll & Hyde. The concept album was released in 2015 with an English cast and since then there have been several showings in Japan and South Korea. For whatever reason, there never was an American production, and I’m not too sure why.

For others also living under a rock, Death Note first hit the scene as a manga written by Tsugumi Ohba. It is wildly popular the world over as a riveting psychological thriller about a teenage boy that discovers he can control life and death with a supernatural notebook, essentially giving him the power of a god and allowing him to bring judgment on those whom he deemed as evil. Soon the anime entranced viewers worldwide and soon enough short stories and even a live-action film followed. To this day, Death Note is considered a modern classic and a staple amongst anime viewers.

Will Broadway ever see a production of this legendary musical? No one knows for sure, but there is certainly hope! Perhaps once the horrors of COVID-19 ceases, American audiences just may see a stage production one day. Until then, we will have to make due with the concept album.

Shouma Kai, Fu Takahashi, and Ryouta Murai in the stage production of Death Note: The Musical

Do you have any info on this musical? Better yet, have you seen it? Give us your opinions below! We would love to hear your take! ✌🎭


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