The Bad Rap: Norman from The Promised Neverland

Welcome back to another installment of 101 Militia Gaming’s The Bad Rap! The idea behind this series is to analyze what makes a particular character tick. Today’s episode is all about The Promised Neverland’s Norman.

There is no doubt that Norman is the most intelligent amongst his peers at the orphanage. Sure, Ray is a close second due to his amazing encyclopedic knowledge and Emma is certainly the most athletically talented of the three, but Norman is by far the most impressive. One thing I admired about this anime is through the three learn about the truth behind their existence, they work hard together to find a solution that will rescue the rest of the family. But that ain’t why we are here today. Does Norman deserve a Bad Rap?

From the beginning we can tell that he is secretive and as the series continues we can really tell how cunning he can be. During the course of the season I honestly didn’t like Norman too much for these reasons. But he sort of grew on me after a while, especially when it came to his relationship with Emma and his desire to sacrifice himself for the greater good. You know me, I won’t *knowingly* give any spoilers, but let’s just say I certainly had a good cry during the end of that episode.

In the end, I grew to love his adamant determination and fierce strength despite the odds quite literally being mounted against him. When faced with life and death, he chose the greater good of those he loved. So I believe Norman is a truly great character.

So, what did you think? Do you believe our boy Norman deserves a Bad Rap? Let us know why in the comments! We love hearing your thoughts! ✌

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