Zack Snyder’s Justice League

With the release for the TRUE Justice League just around the corner, I thought I give my two cents on how I feel about the state of the DCEU. Here it is: it’s horribly unorganized in its current state. That’s no surprise to any fan of DC live action movies, but who has the fault here? It’s simple. Warner Brothers is the culprit of this crime. I mean, Zack Snyder’s vision for the DCEU was flawless. Look at the amazing success he had with Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman.

Then, during the filming of Justice League, Zack’s daughter tragically took her own life making him take a leave of absence from this project. You know who Warner Brothers chose to replace him? Honestly the worst director they could find for the project. Joss Whedon. This guy comes in, looks at Zack’s plan, and decides to make the dark universe Zack built over so many years light hearted and campy. Everything we loved about the DCEU was then tossed out the window, and replaced with God awful CGI on Superman’s lip. It was a travesty, and an insult to all DC fans.

New images of Superman and Darkseid.

However, Zack is now about to get his chance, and deliver us the true Justice League. One with a reborn, black suited Superman, a serious Batman who takes command of the group of heroes, an actual back story for Flash and Cyborg, and a look at the true villain. Darkseid.

There is so much hype behind this film. We get to finally see the full Knightmare scene with Batman reluctantly joining forces with the Joker to fight the corrupt Superman. This is every DC fan’s dream to see this play out on screen. Warner Brothers is going to see the great success this film will have, and it would be absolutely stupid for them not to allow Zack to not make his part 2 like planned. But, Warmer Brothers aren’t known for delivering great fan service so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Let’s not dwell on the future. We have this amazing opportunity to see the Justice League on screen, and we should be happy for that. Where the DCEU goes from here is a complete mystery. With Robert Pattinson now Batman in his own universe, could we now see a possible multiverse within the DCEU? Perhaps, one day will we see Robert’s young Bats on the same screen as Ben’s older, more experienced dark knight? One can only dream. There’s a lot of great DC content coming to us over the next few years. All we can hop for is that Warner Brothers does there homework, and deliver fans what they want to see in a live action DC universe.

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