Anime Vs. Live Action: Erased (Part 2)

Ready for the second part of our comparison between the anime and Netflix’s live action adaptations of Erased? Well, we aren’t keen of disappointing here at 101 Militia Gaming, so let’s get right down to it!

So, after watching the rest of the live action series I am amazed at the direction it took. From what I have read (and I have not read the manga that both adaptations were based from) the live action was designed to follow the original storyline closer. I appreciate how much darker the plot becomes due to this, which deepens the mystery and the suspense. I decided not to release too many spoilers with this article as I know that there are many of you out there just like me who have not had an opportunity to watch this amazing series yet… or didn’t know it existed before (as was my case) so I’ll keep to just small details and pieces that stood out well to me.

I found this scene to be lovely and exactly what was needed

Amongst many differences, one of the major ones consisted of the trap taking place at the hospital, the live action steered the plot to a camp outing. While I enjoyed the way the anime handled it, I felt that the live action version gave it much more suspense, and the climax increased by Satoru’s struggle hurrying through the woods to rescue Kumi while on crutches. The entire series of events was so well done.

So, was this considered an actual successful live action adaptation? My answer is absolutely. It followed the storyline consistently, it added deeper details that either was not fully explained or touched on in the anime, the attention to details and props was all incredibly well done, and each episode moved the story along at a great pace. I highly recommend the Netflix adaptation and I can assure you I will be watching it again!

I want to hear your take! What did you think of the ending of Erased? Do you have a different opinion or just don’t like the live action? Tell us why in the comments! We love hearing your side. ✌

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