War Thunder Is Fun Again

I remember when War Thunder first came to consoles. Me and my dad were so excited for a game that echoed the greatness that was a little gem called Aces High. However, that beautiful game deserves an article just on its own.

So, for those who don’t know, War Thunder is a combined arms World War II combat simulator, putting players in control of some of the most legendary vehicles of the war. There’s different game modes that can give any mil-sim enthusiasts a heart attack. Tanks battles, domination, dog fights, bombing runs, ground assaults, even naval combat! It has absolutely everything a war gamer could want besides infantry combat.

Where War Thunder failed was the ability to purchase premium ammunition. This horrible addition made the game absolutely unplayable to any new players. I remember being fresh in the game, and a dude with a rank 1 tank was taking out my rank 3 because of his special little ammo. It made the game completely not fun to play.

War Thunder Screen Shot

Recently, me and my group decided to hop back in, but this time for a different reason. We learned thst the game can be played entirely against bots! Those of you that know me, know I love me some bot action. It made the game so much more enjoyable zipping into combat, wrecking enemy T-34s with my ace Panzer IV. The joy we get from carpet bombing enemy bases, and dive bombing poor landing crafts is beyond anything that we’ve played recently. It gives the game a co-op feel that is so lacking in the mil-sim genre.

If you’re looking for a sweet World War II vehicle military simulator, then look no further. War Thunder brings the thrills of intense combat versus bots back to the center stage where it should be. If we could just bring back the games like Unreal Tournament and like games, I’d be quite the happy gamer.

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