Old School Throwbacks: Sailor Moon

Happy Wednesday, folks! If you are anything like me, you have a personal list of anime that had a great impact on you growing up. My list is admittedly pretty long, but right there near the top is a classic – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! I’ve decided we would chat a little bit about this old school favorite in all of it’s 90s glory.

Who doesn’t love this classic catch phrase?

Yeah, I’ve watched the remakes. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the art style and how it matches closer to the manga. That’s cool and all… but to me, that isn’t my Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon to me is the 90s animation. It’s the classic quips and the iconic fashion. I mean, come on – tell me those outfits weren’t all on point? Before Sailor Moon (and Yu Yu Hakusho to a point!) I’d never known of an anime or a cartoon with such varied wardrobes for the characters, and I loved it! Growing up, I felt as if they really did have lives away from what was shown on TV. And shoot… to this day I’m still trying to find a plus sized version of those cute as hell hot pink overalls that Rei wore.

Iconic! 💖

I can’t say much about the original English dub because let’s face it… it had issues. But there is something else from the original series that I adored and still love to this day. And that is the Sailor Says bites at the end of every episode.

Each episode ended with a nice little life lesson that one takes away from the episode itself. The lessons varied, covering everything from recycling (again, totally 90s!) to finding help if you are in a bad relationship. Sailor Moon was out there not only creating a fantastic universe to dream in, but helping people live their best lives right here in reality.

Gotta love the classics! What is your favorite feel-good throwback anime? Let us know in the comments! ✨🌙

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