Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Vigor Game!

With Vigor being out for a few weeks now on console, me and my group have had time to truly dive into it. The game is absolutely amazing, and has a strong argument to be the best free game available on consoles. Like seriously, give it a try. It’s free. I’ve noticed that new players struggle with some aspects of the game. That’s okay! We were all beginners once. However, one thing I noticed was the game really doesn’t help newer players out. So today I’m here to give a few small tips for players who have no clue of what to do.

I’m not an expert by any means, but I have learned a thing or two in our time playing! So, throw your make shift armor on, because we’re headed to apocalyptic Norway!

You’re Going To Die

So, yeah. You’re going to ALOT, and that’s okay! With evey death comes a lessened learned. Take that time to realize what you did wrong, and adjust your strategy for next time. Ask yourself:

Did I breach that house before fully scouting it?

Was I engaged with someone outside of my weapons range?

Did I blindly hit the air drop with out properly checking the tree line?

These are all very useful questions to ask yourself anytime you have an unlucky match. I mean, yeah you lost your load out, but it sets you up for success in the future.

Stop Sprinting Like You’re An Olympic Runner

If there is one things that modern shooters have taught us, it’s that if you don’t run at a full sprint you’re probably going to die. This game couldn’t be more opposite. Sprinting in the game world is a sure fire way to get yourself killed. For one it reduces your situational awareness leaving you an easy target for snipers. Snipers in this game are absolutely brutal. They can pick you off from distances that can be achieved in Battlefield.

Situational awareness is absolutely key in this game. You will be far more likely to spot another player before they spot you by simple keeping your camera on a swivel as you trot around the map. It has more times than one saved my skin, and my precious loot.

Stop Dying For Common Airdrop

Look, if no one has invested into the airdrop your going to get a common crate. Why on earth would you risk your equipment for a hand full of nails, and if you’re lucky, some free guns. Most players tend to forget that Vigor is a looting game set in post apocalyptic Norway. This isn’t Call Of Duty. You’re goal is to gather resources out in the game world to build your homestead in the mountains. Now, I’m not saying it’s unwise to look for a fight, because some of the best loot is found on a person’s body. All I’m saying is pick your battles. Understand the game, and what the role is you’re actually playing.

Spend Your Crowns Wisely

So, like most free game, Vigor has a premium currency called Crowns. This currency is used for a lot of cool features in the game such as purchasing cosmetics for your character, skins for you weapons, and even emotes. Where this game shines above the rest is the ability to actually invest in the map. You can either purchase an investment into better loot on the map, a better, more expensive air drop, and even insurance to protect your inventory upon death. However, this currency doesn’t grow on trees. Rather, on an antenna…if that makes sense.

You can build a radio antenna which generates lime three crowns a day. Investments usually cost 30, so when you first start be careful of how many you’re spending. It can take a long time to accumulate enough to do anything with, or you can just spend real money if you’re THAT guy. Save your crowns until you’re sure you can pull of a W.

So, that’s all I have for you today! Vigor is seriously one of the best free games out there right now, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should! I hope this guide helps you get started, and enjoy the game!

Join us on our Twitch where we play Vigor three times a week!

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