Vigor: Next Generation Survival

With the PS4 generation wrapping up, I haven’t really been wanting to purchase new games. I’d rather put that money towards an eventual upgrade to the PS5 and an Xbox Series S. However, one game caught my eye upon its release. It was free, so I decided to give it a try, and it has become my new obsession. That game is Vigor.

Vigor is a multiplayer looter shooter set in a post apocalyptic Norway. Players find a small, strategically placed house to call their home base which, through gameplay, you can upgrade with different cosmetics and production assets. With in the game’s main mode, Encounters, players are scavengers just trying to survive. They must travel across the map, looting houses, cars, shops, and garages to look for resources.

Resources you find out in the game world are used to upgrade your home base in the mountains. There’s a catch though. You only have one life, and there are no responds. If you are killed by another player out in the game world, you lose your entire inventory. Weapons, resources, consumables, and the lackluster air drop that really isn’t a thing to get excited about.

A skirmish in the dense forest.

The air drop comes just before the radiation storm begins to consume the map. Vigor uses a system that allows players to invest in the map to sweeten the pot. For example: Players can invest a premium currency called “crowns” at the start of the match to add better loot to the world, upgrade the air drop to a higher tier, or purchase insurance to protect their inventory upon death. It’s a very cool system, however with so few means of acquiring crowns, if you want more, you’re going to have to purchase more with real money. Got to keep the developers paid some how I guess.

The gameplay is honestly the best I’ve ever seen in a free game. The graphics are amazing, the gun play is top tier, and the fact I get to see my progress is what keeps me coming back. Other games in this genre lack a tangible reason to keep playing other than better guns for next time. In my opinion that makes the game stale quite fast. Being able to see our little homestead become repaired, and our little vegetable garden grow with each match is seriously one of the best features of this game.

Vigor’s atmosphere is right up my alley. Its apocalyptic towns are reminiscent of a Fallout game crossed with Generation Zero. When you put your head phones on you can really find yourself getting immersed into this world. You’ll eventually stumble upon a lnother player who is unarmed who will wave at you. If a player does this DO NOT SHOOT THEM. They are just looking for resources and not looking for a fight. It’s an honor system that I’ve only found in this game. Be a respectful player, and let those guys go.

A snowy train yard in Norway.

What are the downsides? Well, there aren’t many. I can tell that the developers integrated some mobile game formulas into the pot. When repairing things around your house it takes lime six hours real time to do it. Anyone who has played a mobile strategy game feels the pain of that, but I think it fits. It restricts players from being able to max out their home in a week then quit the game. It keeps us coming back for more, and that’s the hardest nail for developers to hit.

Vigor is an incredible free game, and I will say it is the best currently out there. The perma-death makes it match tense, and the fear for your life really hits you mid skirmish. Especially if you have good loot. I could not recommend this game more. Do yourself a favor and get immersed in this world. You won’t regret it. IT’S FREE!

Vigor is available to download on all consoles now!

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